Children's Stories


Samantha is a 12-year-old with an identical twin.  She was born with an encephalomeningocele (a neural tube defect, which allows part of the brain to stick outside the head through a hole in the skull).  Samantha’s mom, Miki, says her little girl is doing so well thanks to the skilled and compassionate Children’s Hospital of Georgia (CHOG) caregivers.  Samantha adores Dr. Yu and Dr. Bhatia so much she likes to go to CHOG just to visit them. 
Though she was born with a rare defect requiring surgery, Samantha is like many other children her age.  Her favorite TV show is Peppa Pig and she loves to eat pizza and go swimming (but not together).  She and her twin sister lead lives like other girls their age.  Samantha is unique in that she has perfect musical pitch and a photographic memory.

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