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Suzanne Shapiro, 71, peripheral T-cell lymphoma

When Suzanne Shapiro, 71, was diagnosed with Peripheral T-cell lymphoma in September 2006, she was unable to decide between clinics in Augusta and Atlanta. Her regular oncologist sent her to the Georgia Cancer Center, but she went to Atlanta to get another opinion. When she came back, she saw Dr. Anand Jillella, the medical oncologist who leads the bone marrow transplant and hematology malignancies team.

“I told him the name of the physician I saw in Atlanta, and he said that they had trained him right here,” she said. “No more discussion, I became Dr. Jillella’s patient!”

Suzanne came to trust the Cancer Center staff and to feel a sense of continuity in her follow-up care. “If one is treating me, they all are treating me,” she says. “They do work as a team.”

“You can’t help developing relationships when you’re in and out of treatment, and I built wonderful ones”, she explains. At the Cancer Center, she always felt comfortable and received any kind of support she needed, either medically or emotionally. Now, even when she comes for unrelated issues, she still talks with the nurses and staff she knows.

“It’s like being at home,” she says. “This has become my second family.”

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