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Edna Anguilla, 79, breast cancer survivor 

A former employee of the MCG bookstore, Edna Anguilla, 79, has survived two different cancers. She was treated for lung cancer at another hospital but was sent to the Georgia Cancer Center after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

She was determined not to see herself as a cancer patient, opting for surgery over radiation therapy. As a divorced mother of two, she says she received the support she needed from her children and Dr. Thomas Samuel, her oncologist at the Cancer Center.

“I’m very pleased with the way I was treated here,” she says.

She says she will never forget how the nurse navigator invited her to the breast cancer support group.

“Anytime you can get with other people who had the same thing you had, it is very good to share,” Edna says. “A survivor came to me and said that she was going through another cancer, too. It made her feel better to see that I survived.”

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