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Dana Brassell, 71, breast cancer survivor, caregivers are Holli Poole, 41 (daughter) and Paula Simak, 61 (sister)

Dana Brassell, 71, was treated last year for breast cancer and went through surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. It was a hard period but with the help of her physicians and family, she has emerged as a survivor.

Married with three children and five grandchildren, Dana used to work 11 hours a day in a daycare center. When she found a lump in her breast, her family doctor requested an appointment at the Georgia Cancer Center.

“We stopped chemotherapy after two sessions because it almost killed me,” Dana says. “But my six week x-rays and surgery went well. People here are fantastic. They answered my questions and detailed everything about chemo. I can’t complain.”

She will never forget her last day in radiation therapy.

“I rang the bell,” she says with a laugh. “You get to ring the bell when you have your last treatment. It was good, I was glad to hear it.”

From her oncologist Dr. Shefali Shah to the ladies at the appointment desk, Dana is thankful to everyone at the Cancer Center, but grew particularly close to Sherry in the Cancer Center boutique.

“She takes time with every patient,” Dana says. “She says I’m stubborn because I don’t want to depend on anybody, so you can tell she knows me very well by now.”

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