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Carol McFarlin, 58, breast cancer survivor

After finding a lump in her left breast during a self-exam, Carol McFarlin, 58, was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in January 2008.

At that time, the new Georgia Cancer Center building had not been erected and Carol received her treatment at what was the old cancer center at the Augusta University Medical Center.

“We didn’t have enough space over there, sometimes it would take all day to get your chemo because there weren’t enough chairs for everybody,” she says. “The new building is just wonderful.”

What she did have, she says, is a great team of doctors.

“They were all ready for me and had figured out my treatment,” she says. “I would tell them all the time, they were created for this job.”

Carol, whose husband is retired military, could have been treated at another facility, but says she chose Augusta University. She wanted the same kind of treatment her sister, who had been previously diagnosed, received.

“I’ve had friends in the past that have been diagnosed and I always recommend them to come to Georgia Cancer Center.”

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