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For the first 32 years, Joey Gain’s life was epilepsy. By his 32nd birthday he was having approximately 800 seizures a year. His condition became debilitating and he could either have the surgery or his next seizure could be fatal.

Now 15 years after the surgery that saved his life, Joey is leading a full life. He attributes his success to God, his loving wife Linda and his physicians. Joey is now doing things he was never able to do like driving safely, motorcycle riding and even skydiving! He is living a fulfilling and complete life thanks to Augusta University Epilepsy Center.

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  • Good to see you Joey , doing so well , especially in the Lord 🙂 I remember after that you had your brain surgery , you coming down to the shop , starting all over , and that how with each passing day , the Lord would improve you more and more , and how that it was easy to recognize His favor in your life , now just look at you Joey , so with that ” I just thank you Lord ”
    God bless you old friend 🙂

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